Electrical Repair

  • Troubleshoot and rewire wall switches and outlets.
  • Troubleshoot and repair ceiling lights and chandeliers.
  • Troubleshoot and repair any electrical wiring problems you might have.
  • Repair any faulty electrical circuits.
  • Preventative electrical maintenance by licensed Electricians.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Licensed Chicago Electrician

Electrical Problems
Do you have an electrical problem: flickering lights, blown fuses, broken outlets, short circuits, faulty wiring, defective lights, code violations, damaged splices, complex fixture or ceiling fan installation?

Electrical troubleshooting is not a job for a handy man, it takes a foundational understanding of electricity along with practice and experience to troubleshoot electrical problems. If it’s not handled correctly it could even be hazardous. A+ Electrical Services actually specializes in troubleshooting electrical problems. We have years of experience and will work with you to solve your electrical problem correctly and safely. Contact one of our electricians for all your electrical repairs.

Lights and Outlets
If you are having trouble with outlets, lighting, or any other sort of electrical problem in the house do not hesitate to call us! It is best to get the problem repaired as soon as possible by a certified electrician, because it could eventually lead to more serious problems. A+ Electrical Services provides you with a trained electrician who will get the problem fixed. Our aim is to give you peace of mind from knowing that once you have called A+ Electrical Services the problem will be professionally resolved.

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services for an experienced electrician to troubleshoot your electrical problem.

Common Electrical Repairs

  • Repair Indoor Outlet
  • Home Rewiring
  • Troubleshoot/replace Appliance Outlets
  • Correcting poorly installed wiring and overloaded circuits
  • Flickering Lights
  • Repair /install Laundry Room Outlet
  • Repair Pull chain lighting fixture
  • Repair Kitchen Lighting Fixture
  • Repair Florescent Lighting
  • Troubleshoot /Repair Electrical Wiring
  • Ballast replaced
  • Repair/Installing Home Sump Pump circuit
  • Track lighting fixtures replaced
  • Repair/replace Smoke/CO detector
  • Doorbell button replaced
  • Fluorescent ballast replaced
  • Repair/replace light switch
  • Ceiling fan, replace existing
  • Repair/replace Dimmer switch
  • Repair /install Child Proof Outlets
  • Clean Up Exposed Wiring
  • Repair/Update Electrical Wiring
  • Repair Closet Lighting
  • Installation of new electrical wiring in home
  • Repair/Install Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Repair/Install Appliance
  • Repair Outdoor outlet and fixture installation
  • Repair Apartment Intercom System
  • Repair Low voltage wiring
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Electrical code violation corrections
  • Correction of poorly installed wiring
  • Correction of overloaded circuits
  • Repair Electrical Outlets
  • Repair Electrical Switches
  • Repair Electrical Dimmers
  • Repair Intercom Systems
  • Repair Doorbell Buzzers
  • Electrical Outlets not working
  • Lights blinking on a regular basis.
  • 3-Way Switches not working properly
  • Troubleshoot Electrical Buzzing Noise
  • Circuit Breaker Constantly Tripping
  • Repair / replace GFCI Outlet
  • Electrical upgrades residential/commercial

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Electrical Services


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