Intercom Systems, Buzzers, and Doorbells

  • Contact our experienced technicians to repair an intercom system or buzzer that is not working.
  • Repair, upgrade or install a new home intercom system to communicate throughout your house with the push of a button.
  • Contact us for basic troubleshooting to full system installations and planning of intercom systems for condominium or apartment buildings.
  • Our electricians specialize in all intercom and buzzer systems: single buzzer entry systems, phone intercom systems, video intercom systems, basic doorbells, and home intercom systems.

Buzzer and Intercom Installation

Intercom Entry System

Intercom and Buzzer Systems Increase Safety

A correctly functioning intercom or buzzer system allows you to remotely open your front door or gate to friends and family, while keeping unwanted visitors out. Basic Intercom systems let you hear & communicate with visitors while more advanced systems also let you see who is at the front door .

Apartment Intercom System Condo Intercom System Buzzer System

Telephone Entry System in Chicagoland

Repair or Replace Broken Buzzer and Intercom Systems

If your system is broken down or not working, our technicians can troubleshoot and fix your intercom. A+ Electrical Services repairs, troubleshoots, upgrades and installs buzzers and intercom systems for single intercom units, multi unit and apartments. We have experienced technicians who have worked with everything from basic doorbells, to more advanced telephone entry systems, up to sophisticated video intercom systems.

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to help you maintain both safety and convenience by repairing or installing a doorbell, buzzer, or intercom system.

Home Intercom Installation or Replacement

Home Intercom System Installation

Home Intercom Music System


Convenient Home Communication

A home intercommunication system is a house hold system that allows you to call members of the family to dinner or to summon someone for a phone call. Security features include a front-door speaker that allows you to talk with a visitor before opening the door. Other popular features include a radio/ CD/ MP3 allowing you to play music throughout your house.

Most home intercom systems has one major focal point, the master station where the music system is typically managed, and then includes substations throughout various rooms in your home

  Home Intercom System  

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install a home intercom systems that would enhance your home.



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